Birdwatching trip
Discover the El Dorado of birds
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Deep Amazon
Dive in the mysteries of the river
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Mountain country
Meet its three mountain ranges
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Coffee, national flavor
Smell the aroma of this drink
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Célestine’s trips 

From the mountain to the Caribbean sea

The bird specialties of the mountain ranges as well as the Caribbean coast.



Caribbean to preserve

Live the Caribbean with the most committed communities.



Hiking the edge of the glacier

Be close to the summits of Los Nevados Natural National Park.



Who is Célestine ?

Celestine is a receptive Franco-Colombian travel agency, specializing in responsible tourism in Colombia. With us, discover Colombia in a sustainable, unusual and authentic way.

Teach me the art of coffee

Thanks to its “Heritage” line, Celestine works to transmit high-quality cultural knowledge about the country, through unique encounters and experiences.

Discover for example all the cultural, historical and social resonances of coffee during a tasting workshop.

Light up unusual paths!

Colombie Celestine is a scout who opens new paths for you, concerned to offer you a unique change of scenery and to promote the equitable development of the territories.

Our committed trips


Company on a human scale, we create our trips in a completely personalized and artisanal way.


After twenty years of traveling in Colombia, we are still thirsty to visit it. Discover with us its hidden beauties !.


We guarantee the authenticity of the places visited, the professionalism of our partners as well as the high-quality of our goods and services.


We collaborate with communities, whose traditions we highlight, fighting against cultural stereotypes and instrumentalization.


We work with the Natural Reserve “LA TRIBU", to invest in projects directed to offset the carbon footprint of tourism.

Customer reviews 

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December 9, 2019


Kaleidoscope - Tour of Colombia

Colombian Trip in 34 days

"Colombie Célestine offered me for a month the possibility of this personal and serene trip that I was waiting for: visiting, discovering and feeling this great country so rich and diverse. A precious and followed organization for a "kaleidoscope" support. A big thank you to you".

Indigène Arhuaco ©Colombie Célestine
Alain et Gisèle

November 11, 2019.

Alain and Gisèle

Coffee aroma - Discovery of the coffee region

Between the mountains of the Colombian Andes

"We thank you for this excellent stay that you made us live, we will never forget it. See you very soon and maybe even in Cannes ".

Indigène Arhuaco ©Colombie Célestine
Anthony, Christopher et François

February 12, 2020.

Fanny and Mathieu

Snowy Peaks - Trek in PNN Los Nevados

The discovery of the Andes

"The service was top notch. A trusted agency for unforgettable treks! Go for it ! ".

Indigène Arhuaco ©Colombie Célestine
Antenne Zoo - Raphaël

March 12, 2020.

Antenne Zoo - Raphaël

The unusual Llanos - Wildlife observation

The water buffalo and the fauna of the Llanos Orientales

"Antenne Zoo returns from 4 months of adventures in South America! ... Colombie Célestine is a young travel agency specializing in Colombian nature. With them, Raphaël went to visit the Llanos, an ecosystem of humid savannas and swamps in eastern Colombia where he was able to observe many birds, the mythical great anteater and the pink dolphins of the Amazon ... Thanks to them for these excursions and the discovery of the biodiversity of a country that will see us again".

Indigène Arhuaco ©Colombie Célestine
Anthony, Christopher et François

August 24, 2019.

Anthony, Christopher and François

Snowy Peaks - Trek in PNN Los Nevados

The coffee region with friends

"Very professional, accommodating, caring, responsive agency. We loved Colombia and the Valley of Cocora with my friends. Stars in my eyes largely thanks to Colombie Célestine that I recommend without hesitation 🙂 ".

Indigène Arhuaco ©Colombie Célestine
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