Country of the biodiversity

Recognized worldwide for its incredible biodiversity, Colombia is one of the countries that has the biggest plant and animal diversity on our planet, only after Brazil. These records make it a territory to appreciate but at the same time to protect :

  • First place, the richest country of bird species in the world: Colombia currently provides the habitats for more than  1.900 species of birds (currently reported), from the smallest hummingbird to the Andean Condor, deploying its 3,5 meter wingspan.
  • More specifically, Colombia is a sanctuary for the largest number of hummingbird, diurnal butterfly (more than 3,500) and amphibian (frogs, toads and salamanders) species.
  • Second place, the richest country of fish species in the world : more than 3.000 fresh water fish species swim in its rivers, streams, lakes and marshes.
  • Colombia protects one of the largest numbers of terrestrial vertebra, with its 2.890 species, including 456 mammal species and 520 reptile species (snakes, turtles, lizards, iguanas).
  • Almost 55.000 species of plants  grow on our lands, which one third are endemics.
  • First place, the richest country of palm tree species in the world270 known palm tree species take root in Colombia.
  • Country of orchids: the presence of more than 3.500 species of orchids have been reported in the country. Even though there is not precise information about the Bromeliads, Colombia could be the richest country of this vegetal category in the world.