Célestine ?

Celestine is a Franco-Colombian travel agency specializing in responsible tourism in Colombia. Having fallen in love with the country, we are completely dedicated to our destination and we would sincerely like to share this country’s beautiful secrets with you.

We prepare our trips with attention to pureness and unspoiled nature, providing places in unpublished landscapes and in constant respect to our environment, as well as enjoying simple pleasures and beautiful encounters.

We make both natural and unique tours. As travel aficionados, we do not set any limits to our imagination, except those that nature has imposed on us and our respect for its wonders.

Colombia deserves it.

José Celestino Mutis

Celestine, responsible tourism:

At the time when arms have been laid down and tourism takes flight in Colombia, which philosophy should be adopted? How can irrational multiplication of tourism projects due to demand be resisted? We are convinced that only the creation of responsible and demanding tours can allow the construction of sustainable tourism and peace, we create our tours with the spirit of memory, respect for the environment and collaboration with communities.

We compensate the carbon footprint from your trip. We do not impose what tourism expects on the indigenous, instead we seek to favor human exchange around their identity.

Celestine, wise tourism:

Colombie Celestine seeks to reconnect the curious and wise spirit of the great explorers, taking the expedition of José Celestino Mutis as reference, founder of the First Botanical Expedition in New Granada.
Like him, we seek to gather not only travel professionals around you, but also country specialists, historians, ornithologists, artists, artisans, story tellers, which the desire of  friendly encounters has set in our path. Our goal is to make you visit Colombia under a symbol of knowledge, to experience its arts, fauna and wisdom.

Colombia deserves it.

Our pledge

Environmental impact

Carbon emissions compensation

In order to reduce the impact on the environment generated by your stay, we plant trees thanks to our association with the reserve “La Tribu”. We calculate the number of trees needed to compensate for the production of CO2 related to your excursion.

We participate in the active production of oxygen, in the conservation of species’ habitats, but also in the restoration of water basins and degraded lands.

Nature and species protection

Our tourist activities in nature are fully developed in association with the reserves and the country’s protected areas. Visiting these places is not only to financially sustain the protection of the species, but above all to prevent the agricultural frontiers and illegal activities not only from growing but also from spreading over our natural sanctuaries. It is also to educate communities and visitors.

Impact on the country’s peace

Working with the victims of the armed conflict

Since tourism is the gateway to employment for young people and victims of the armed conflict, we work with them through their integration in the tourism chain, either by including their handcrafts or by using tourism services they use in their facilities. This helps these people avoid falling into violence and illegal networks.

Tourism contributes to the generation of peace by opening a space between humans from many different origins, allowing them to get to know each other and reduce cultural distances and prejudices. Tourism is therefore a great opportunity for rural development and can contribute to the solution of a country’s most serious problems, precisely at the level of the victims.

Reintegration of the former combatants  

Numerous territories, once inaccessible because of war, now receive an abundance of visitors. We would like to help the reinsertion of former combatants through our participation in government projects.

Prevention of illegal crop spreading

Unfortunately, the presence of illegal crops in Colombia has not decreased with the peace process. Other actions that invite communities to join the legal economic chain should be carried out in order to fight against it, the poison of Colombian society. Developing tourism, enlarging reserves and reforestation, are ways for us to participate in the fight against illegal crops.

No to the sexual exploitation of children, discrimination, as well as wildlife, flora and cultural goods trafficking

Colombie Celestine rejects and radically opposes the sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and discrimination, in accordance with the implementation of Colombian laws. Colombie Celestine is also bound by Law 17 of 1981 – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, and Law 397 of 1997 and 185 of 2008 – with the aim of avoiding the trafficking of heritage and cultural goods.