Experience the Colombian cultural diversity through the rhythm of nature and drums

Meet marginalized communities to discover Colombia’s plural roots and bathe in the places of magical nature that they protect.

You will discover


14 days / 13 nights.



CO2 production

236 kg of CO2.


Colombie Célestine awaits you at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá on the arrival of your flight for a warm and personalized welcome.


Depending on the time of your flight, we invite you to have a typical first drink in the heart of the historic center.

After a good breakfast at the hotel, you will meet our English-speaking guide. A passionate and fascinating anthropologist, you walk around with her through the colorful streets of La Candelaria while she tells you about the origins of Colombia. Crossing the flower market, tasting fresh tropical fruit juices, and photographing graffiti, you will experience a colorful first day!


You end with the ascent by cable car to Montserrate to observe the red-orange sunset over the town.

The morning you will be transferred to the Choco region (1h20, internal flight). In Nuqui at the end of the morning, you will meet the Embera community, which takes you by taxi and then by boat to their traditional village on the seaside.


You discover their way of life, their mystical architecture and you settle in your beautiful traditional room. Evening of tales and legends around a fire and a typical meal.

In the morning, the men take you to dive into the jungle to follow the tracks of the animals, whose symbolic importance they will explain to you. You come back at the end of the morning to cook with the women of the community.


In the afternoon, you can participate in a traditional sea fishing workshop or in the creation of jewelry, while you swim gently.

You leave the community by boat to reach the Ecolodge El Cantil, an unusual scene bathed in lush nature. You will share this time with rural communities.


In the afternoon, you take a walk accompanied by a local guide to the thermal baths, passing by the beach or the small village of the area. A good opportunity to forget everything and relax in the middle of a splendid nature.

Early in the morning, you go out by boat in search of whales. With a little luck and a lot of patience, you will see them jump and feel their magical breath.


During your free afternoon, you can go kayaking, surfing, stand up paddle boarding or, why not, venture out to watch marine life while practicing snorkeling.

After breakfast, you leave the ecolodge to head to Nuqui and take a flight to the city of Medellín (1 hour). You reach your hotel close to the lively El Poblado neighborhood.
The afternoon, you will be able to stroll and take the temperature of the city of eternal spring.

With your English-speaking guide, you set off for an immersion in an emblematic neighborhood of Colombia: Comuna 13. You will discover the face of contemporary Medellín, previously known as the most dangerous city in the world. You will have the opportunity to eat with a local family and meet their many artists, graffiti artists and dancers.
Then we take the metro to return to the city center and continue our visit.

The evening is dedicated to Salsa. We take you for an exotic trip to a favorite bar in Medellin, known for its bohemian atmosphere and its projects to promote musical and dancing heritage.

The morning is dedicated to the transfer to the small village of Lorica (1 hour flight), where there is a community center dedicated to the protection of the river turtle, severely threatened in the region by wildlife trafficking and fishing. After a delicious meal with the community, you will release the turtles in the river. Then, you join Lorica by the river, enjoying a spectacular arrival with a privileged view of its colonnaded market. Classified among the heritage villages of Colombia, known for its original architecture, Andalusian style, Santa Cruz de Lorica is also interesting for its cultural mixes, between indigenous, Spanish, Lebanese and Syrian influence.

You reach Cartagena de Indias, the pearl of the Caribbean by car, stopping at the must-see San Basilio de Palenque. The first village of freed enslaved people, San Basilio tells you the painful story of slavery through its percussion workshop and dances. You take the road again at the end of the afternoon to reach Cartagena (5 hours drive during the day).

This morning, you take a canoe to discover an unusual Cartagena. Alberto takes you on a tour of the amazing mangrove ecosystem that he has been protecting for 20 years with his community. At the end of the visit, you will receive a delicious coconut drink and a typical fish dish to enjoy on the beach between two swims.
You return to downtown at the end of the afternoon to continue your visit between the magnificent fortifications of the city.

You will be transferred by boat on an island in the Rosaire archipelago, a preserved natural park. A small, discreet beach awaits you, with its cozy beds and palm trees. You settle in your lodge by the sea to spend a night of paradise between tastings, stars and midnight baths.

The morning is dedicated to sea bathing and sun bathing. You can swim or snorkel if you wish.
A boat will take you back to the port of Cartagena in the middle of the afternoon, from which you can easily reach your hotel. You enjoy your last evening at your leisure in the party city of the Caribbean.

You enjoy a final stroll through the charming streets of Cartagena before being taken by our driver to the airport for your international flight.

  1. Bogota.
  2. Nuqui.
  3. Medellin.
  4. Lorica.
  5. San Basilio de Palenque.
  6. Cartagena de Indias.

You will appreciate

  • Authentic and varied encounters with indigenous Embera, Afro-descendants and artists from the municipality 13.
  • The spectacle of whales jumping in Nuqui Bay,
  • The hours on the beach between swimming and dancing to the rhythm of the drums,
  • The delicious home cooking of the communities,
  • The numerous navigations, between sea and mangroves,
  • Nature walks.

Our accommodations are carefully selected for their comfort but also their commitment to respect their environment. The stars we assign are the synthesis of these two criteria.

They are adapted to their geographic and climatic conditions.

  • In towns and villages, we offer 3 to 4 star hotels. Most of the rooms have air conditioning.
  • In nature reserves, we offer a selection of ecolodges and natural accommodation. We work with our partners to offer you the greatest possible comfort in remote areas bathed in lush nature

Dates :    

  • Between June and October (whale season).

​​Groupe size :    

  • From 4 people.
  • Double room -*Private single room accommodation

Environmental and social responsibility : Moderate.

  • Coffee farm: By visiting this farm you allow to add value to the coffee chain, as well as encourage the organic production of food.

  • La Boquilla Mangrove: here, you appreciate the amazing mangrove ecosystem but also cross the path of an entire people, that one of the Boquilla fishermen. Far from luxury hotels, you discover another reality of the flagship city of the Caribbean.

  • Gastronomic experience: For many years, this restaurant supported the Bogotá Wine and Food Festival which provides money to the Escuela Taller de Bogotá; It is an institution that dictates cooking lessons and crafts to people with few resources. The restaurant's foundation also helps new social causes, in particular environmental ones, in collaboration with other foundations.

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