Live the Caribbean with the most committed communities

Gather in one trip the most beautiful ingredients of the Caribbean coast and discover them through the eyes and traditions of its communities.

You will discover


15 days / 14 nights.



CO2 production

232 kg of CO2.


You will be recieved by Colombie Célestine at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá.

Early in the day, you will enjoy a guided tour in English of the Eastern hills, the natural heritage of the Bogota people. Our path naturally leads to the Quinta Bolivar museum, where the objects and the garden of the Libertador, kept in order, tell you about the birth of the Colombian nation.

The afternoon is dedicated to La Candelaria, a colorful historic center and Plaza Bolivar. The day ends with the ascent by cable car to Montserrate.

After breakfast in Bogota, we go to the airport to take the flight that will take us to the city of Riohacha.

In the afternoon we will visit a Rancheria, where we can talk with the "Casique" of the community, participate in the craft market, eat the typical Wayyu dish, as well as watch a presentation of the Yonna dance and learn about this ritual.

This day we take the typical breakfast at the Ranchería and leave for the Cabo de la Vela. Once arrived at Cabo de la Vela, we settle in the Wayuus cabins.

In the afternoon, we will visit Ojo de Agua Beach, a natural outcrop where, according to mythology, the Wayuú communicate with their ancestors. Our day ends with a sunset at the Lighthouse.

We walk towards the Pilón de Azucar, a white rock in the sea which according to Wayuu beliefs, marks the path that takes the souls of the dead people to the unknown. We can also appreciate the Rainbow beach, where the open sea bursts into jets above the cliff.

For the return to the city of Riohacha, we will visit the municipality of Manaure, where we will take a tour in the artisanal Saltworks to know the process of salt extraction. Once in Riohacha, you will walk on the pier.

Very early in the morning we birdwatch with a local guide who knows very well the secrets of this dry forest of the "Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary".

In the afternoon, we go to Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where we will participate in a sewing workshop of "Mochilas" (traditional bag of Colombia) with an Arhuaco family, ethnic group of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

You dive into the middle of the Sierra Nevada rainforest (3 to 4 hours of walking with a local guide) until you find Tayronaka, a small Tayrona town which today serves as a museum. When you feel ready, you float down the San Diego River to its mouth.

The day is dedicated to the discovery of the Tayrona National Natural Park.

Early breakfast, then hike to the archaeological site of Pueblito with local guide. Pueblito Tayrona - Chairama, is a mystical place for a dazzling cultural and natural experience. During this experience, you will pass by the routes that were used by the Tayrona indigenous communities for over 600 years and where archaeological remains of great natural and cultural interest are still preserved.

The afternoon is free to enjoy the sites of the Park.

We leave Tayrona Park to go to Minca, a mountain village in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Free afternoon to visit Pozo Azul or the Marinka waterfalls.

In the morning, you dive into the dry forest and coffee plantations of Minca, to discover its birds with the help of the local guide.

The Hacienda La Victoria, a large active coffee museum, is a place where visitors can understand the whole process of making coffee.

We leave the village of Minca after breakfast to head to Cartagena, the pearl of the Colombian Caribbean. Free afternoon to stroll through the historic center of the city.

You will discover one of the most important port cities on the American continent. Our guide goes with you to the Clock tower, to the monument of the founder Don Pedro de Heredia, as well as to the Church of San Pedro Claver, among others, emphasizing at each step the different architectural influences.

In the evening you will dinner at a prison for women, where the dishes taste of the sea but also the flavor of hope. By dining here, you help the reintegration of prisoners into civil society and contribute to the peace of the country.

While the reveller tourists still sleep, you embark in a canoe to discover an unusual Cartagena. Here, you appreciate the amazing ecosystem of mangroves but also cross the path of an entire people, that of the fishermen of La Boquilla. You continue your tour of the city with the breeze and watch the Caribbean Sea from its majestic fortifications.

You will enjoy a last walk in the charming streets of Cartagena de Indias before being driven to the international airport of Rafael Núñez for your international flight.

  1. Bogota.
  2. La Guajira – Riohacha – Manaure – Rancheria.
  3. Santa Marta – Tayrona NNP – Minca
  4. Cartagena.
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You will appreciate

  • Bogotá and its surroundings; The Gold Museum.
  • The Guajira desert, with the Wayuu communities and the beaches of the region.
  • The foothills of the Sierra Nevada, as well as the indigenous communities of the “Heart of the world”.
  • Minca, with its cold waters and endemic birds.
  • The city of Cartagena de Indias.
  • 2 native trees planted as a contribution per person.

Our accommodations are carefully selected for their comfort but also their commitment to respect their environment. The stars we assign are the synthesis of these two criteria.

They are adapted to their geographic and climatic conditions.

  • In towns and villages, we offer 3 to 4 star hotels. Most of the rooms have air conditioning.
  • In nature reserves, we offer a selection of ecolodges and natural accommodation. We work with our partners to offer you the greatest possible comfort in remote areas bathed in lush nature.

​​Groupe size :    

  • From 4 people.
  • Double room -*Private single room accommodation.

Environmental and social responsibility : Strong. By visiting places inhabited by indigenous people, you allow communities to preserve their traditions and fight against the disappearance of their language.

  • Wayuu Rancheria : This Ranchería makes very controlled use of water, the most precious resource in the region. She will invite you to limit your showers. An indigenous activist is developing a sexuality education program there to give Wayuu women the freedom to choose their sexuality and motherhood.

  • Arhuaco family: Share and interact with an Arhuaca indigenous family from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. You will have the chance to meet an indigenous "comadre", his family and his house. This family has voluntarily chosen to share their traditions. She wants the visitor to have a traditional sewing experience in order to preserve the custom.

  • Interno Restaurant: this is the second chance restaurant, for those who have not had a first. By dining here, you help the reintegration of prisoners into civil society and contribute to the peace of the country.

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