Discover colombia through its cultural emblems

A trip to discover seven of the most beautiful places of the country,  an immersion into the heart of ancient legends but also of the living memories of this complex country.

You will discover

  • Bogota
  • Guatavita Lagoon
  • Tatacoa Desert
  • San Agustin
  • Salento
  • Cocora Valley
  • Medellin
  • Cartagena


3 408 €


17 days / 16 nights.



CO2 production

261 kg of CO2.


You will be recieved by Colombie Célestine at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá.

The morning is spent in the Guatavita Lagoon. Walking at the edge of this pretty moiré lagoon, you will understand one of the greatest legends of South America: the golden man.

To deepen our study of the precious metal, the afternoon is dedicated to the Gold Museum.

Early in the day, you will enjoy a guided tour in English of the Eastern hills, the natural heritage of the Bogota people. Our path naturally leads to the Quinta Bolivar museum, where the objects and the garden of the Libertador, kept in order, tell you about the birth of the Colombian nation.

The afternoon is dedicated to La Candelaria, a colorful historic center and Plaza Bolivar. The day ends with the ascent by cable car to Montserrate

In the evening you live a gastronomic experience in one of the best restaurants in the country.

We arrive late afternoon in the Tatacoa desert for a ochre sunset between the cactus. In the evening you visit the Astronomical Observatory.

You enjoy the sunrise in the Tatacoa desert and after breakfast you go for a walk with a local guide.

We follow the Magdalena river and enjoy the landscapes while we go to the village of San Agustín.

This day is dedicated to the visit of the Archaeological Park of San Agustin. In the middle of a green park, you walk in search of shamanic statues and tombs left by mysterious civilizations.

Then we continue our walking tour with the Purutal site, where the last statues with original colors have been kept (horseback riding option).

After discovering the cultural heritage of the region, we dedicate this day to natural heritage: Strait of Magdalena, Bordoñes waterfall, among others.

Pitalito-Bogota-Armenia or Bogota-Pereira flight depending on the day of the week (1h each). The morning is dedicated for the transfer to the village of Salento, located in the coffee region.

You climb in a Jeep Willys and, in a few laps, you dive into the Cocora Valley. Measuring up to 60 meters in height, the wax palm trees, endemic to Quindío, are classified as species protected by the Colombian government.

Returning to the village, our jeep takes you down to the coffee farm. You enjoy a peaceful night in a typical farm of the region.

This day is dedicated to making a complete visit of the farm that allows you to understand the production as well as to meet its actors.

You will also participate in a rigorous tasting workshop.

You say goodbye to your fellow coffee growers and take the road for the Caldas department, where you can find a good moment to rest !

You take the height and climb the flanks of the Nevado del Ruiz to reach one of Celestine's favorite places. Between the poetic mists of the hot springs and the musical flights of hummingbirds, immerse yourself in a hot bath and relax your body.

You enjoy the hot springs before go to Medellín. In the evening, you will discover the city of eternal spring while going for a walk in the neighborhood.

Using its famous metro, we go to the center, where we initially visit the center of the city. Among our discoveries of the day, we are going to find the Parque Bolivar, Plaza Botero and the Antioquia Museum.

At the end of the afternoon, we witness the sunset in the heights of Pueblito Paisa, where a 360 ° viewpoint allows us to relive the history of the city.

After breakfast at the hotel we go to Rionegro airport to fly to the city of Cartagena, located in the Caribbean Sea. After settling in at the hotel, you will discover one of the most important port cities on the American continent.

Our guide goes with you to the Clock towerto the monument of the founder Don Pedro de Heredia, as well as to the Church of San Pedro Claver, among others, emphasizing at each step the different architectural influences.

While the reveller tourists still sleep, you embark in a canoe to discover an unusual Cartagena. Here, you appreciate the amazing ecosystem of mangroves but also cross the path of an entire people, that of the fishermen of La Boquilla. You continue your tour of the city with the breeze and watch the Caribbean Sea from its majestic fortifications.

You embark in the morning to take the sea route. After about an hour by boat, you get to Rosario Islands. You will enjoy a relaxing day before returning to celebrate.

To end your trip, connect for an evening to the rhythms of salsa. A professional dancer go with you for a breathtaking initiation before letting you improvise on the track.

You will enjoy a last walk in the charming streets of Cartagena de Indias before being driven to the international airport of Rafael Núñez for your international flight.

  1. Bogota.
  2. Tatacoa desert.
  3. San Agustin.
  4. Salento – Los Nevados NNP.
  5. Medellin.
  6. Cartagena.
  7. Rosario Islands.

You will appreciate

  • A guided visit of San Agustín National Archaeological Park.
  • Three cities – Three historical visits.
  • A night at Tatacoa desert.
  • A coffee tour at a “Hacienda”.
  • A hot spring visit at an elevation of 3700 meters.
  • A navigation in the insolite Cartagena.
  • A touch of salsa dancing.
  • A taste of gastronomy.
  • 2 native trees planted as a contribution per person.
  • Accommodation
  • Dates and Price
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Book

Our accommodations are carefully selected for their comfort but also their commitment to respect their environment. The stars we assign are the synthesis of these two criteria.

They are adapted to their geographic and climatic conditions.

  • In towns and villages, we offer 3 to 4 star hotels. Most of the rooms have air conditioning.
  • In nature reserves, we offer a selection of ecolodges and natural accommodation. We work with our partners to offer you the greatest possible comfort in remote areas bathed in lush nature

Dates :    

  • All year.

Price :    

  • 3 408€ / person.
  • Double room -*Private single room accommodation add 600€

​​Groupe size :    

  • From 4 people.

Environmental and social responsibility : Moderate.

  • Coffee farm: By visiting this farm you allow to add value to the coffee chain, as well as encourage the organic production of food.

  • La Boquilla Mangrove: here, you appreciate the amazing mangrove ecosystem but also cross the path of an entire people, that one of the Boquilla fishermen. Far from luxury hotels, you discover another reality of the flagship city of the Caribbean.

  • Gastronomic experience: For many years, this restaurant supported the Bogotá Wine and Food Festival which provides money to the Escuela Taller de Bogotá; It is an institution that dictates cooking lessons and crafts to people with few resources. The restaurant's foundation also helps new social causes, in particular environmental ones, in collaboration with other foundations.

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