Travel on the paths of Colombian history

Make numerous cultural visits and cross the most beautiful colonial villages.

You will discover

  • Bogota
  • Honda
  • Guatape
  • Cartagena
  • Barichara
  • Villa de Leyva
  • Raquira


3 819 €


15 days / 14 nights.



CO2 production

258 kg of CO2.


You will be recieved by Colombie Célestine at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá.

Early in the day, you will enjoy a guided tour in English of the Eastern hills, the natural heritage of the Bogota people. Our path naturally leads to the Quinta Bolivar museum, where the objects and the garden of the Libertador, kept in order, tell you about the birth of the Colombian nation.

The afternoon is dedicated to La Candelaria, a colorful historic center and Plaza Bolivar. The day ends with the ascent by cable car to Montserrate.

You will take the western route to admire the Cordillera Central and join the majestic Magdalena River, which you will contemplate from the famous Honda bridges.

The afternoon will be dedicated to a guided tour of Honda and its bridges.
Free evening, swimming in the hotel pool.

The morning is spent walking on the Camino Real which is between Honda and Guaduas. After walking in the footsteps of the explorers, you will take the king's paths towards Guaduas.

Between a nature walk and an arts trail, you will enjoy a pleasant walk and discover another colonial village.

We leave Tolima to join the Antioquia region. We first take the waterway, sailing on the Magdalena river. Then we finish our way by car to reach the Río Claro Nature Reserve.

You settle in the eco-hotel and enjoy the nature and the beauty of this river.

You enjoy the river before go to Medellín. In the evening, you will discover the city of eternal spring while going for a walk in the neighborhood.

This morning, you leave Medellín in order to reach the village of Guatape.

You will taste the art of living antioqueño. You will climb at your own pace the steps of the Peñol stone to discover the breathtaking view that its summit has in store for you. You will visit the colorful streets of Guatape and enjoy sailing in the dam lake.

After breakfast at the hotel we go to Rionegro airport to fly to the city of Cartagena, located in the Caribbean Sea. After settling in at the hotel, you will discover one of the most important port cities on the American continent.

The morning will be dedicated to the guided tour of the historic center.

Our guide goes with you to the Clock towerto the monument of the founder Don Pedro de Heredia, as well as to the Church of San Pedro Claver, among others, emphasizing at each step the different architectural influences.

You embark in the morning to take the sea route. After about an hour by boat, you get to Rosario Islands. You will enjoy a relaxing day before returning to celebrate.

In the morning you take a flight towards the city of Bucaramanga, to continue your way towards the village of Barichara.

You will begin by discovering the breathtaking landscapes of the Santander region during your passage to the Chicamocha Canyon, which you will observe from a panoramic point of view.

In the morning you take the Camino Real built to reach the two sister villages: Barichara and Guane.

In the afternoon you visit with your guide the main Plaza, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the chapel of Santa Barbara, the cemetery, the paper museum, among others.

You leave the village of Barichara early to reach Villa de Leyva. During a first stroll, you will be able to appreciate the majestic main cobbled Square as well as Infiernito, the Ecce Homo convent and the Casa Terracota with your English-speaking guide.

You take the road to the sister village of Villa de Leyva: Raquira. After visiting one of the most beautiful colonial buildings, the Candelaria Monastery, you will discover in a fun way the tradition of ceramicists.

At the end of the afternoon you are transferred to Bogotá.

You will enjoy a last walk in the charming streets of La Candelaria before being driven to the international airport of Rafael Núñez for your international flight.    

  1. Bogota.
  2. Honda.
  3. Rio Claro.
  4. Medellin – Guatape.
  5. Cartagena.
  6. Barichara – Guane.
  7. Villa de Leyva – Raquira

You will appreciate

  • Numerous cultural visits.
  • A crossing of the most beautiful colonial villages.
  • Nature walks without much effort.
  • Tasty restaurants, alternating between typical cuisine and modern gastronomy.
  • A swim in Río Claro.
  • Charming hotels.
  • Varied and unusual activities, as usually Célestine does!
  • Accommodation
  • Dates and Price
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Book

Our accommodations are carefully selected for their comfort but also their commitment to respect their environment. The stars we assign are the synthesis of these two criteria.

They are adapted to their geographic and climatic conditions.

  • In towns and villages, we offer 3 to 4 star hotels. Most of the rooms have air conditioning.
  • In nature reserves, we offer a selection of ecolodges and natural accommodation. We work with our partners to offer you the greatest possible comfort in remote areas bathed in lush nature.

Dates :    

  • All year.

Price :    

  • 3 819€ / person.
  • Double room -*Private single room accommodation add 450€

​​Groupe size :    

  • From 4 people.

Environmental and social responsibility : Moderate.

  • Rio Claro : The Rio Claro nature reserve is a model of sustainable development for the conservation of the last tropical forests that exist in the "Rio Claro del Norte" basin, in the central Andean region of Colombia. This project carries out and supports scientific research work for knowledge, education and conservation, as well as programs of community interest which are carried out and financed by the economic resources provided by nature and adventure tourism of the Reserve.

  • Ceramics workshop : By visiting this workshop, you encourage the pottery of this region, a tradition transmitted from generation to generation.

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