Covid-19 and Biosecurity

After a preventive isolation of more than 150 days, one of the longest in the world, Colombia ended the quarantine and made its general economic opening on September 1, 2020. In order to comply with all the biosecurity measures established by the government for the prevention of contagion by COVID-19, COLOMBIE CÉLESTINE presents the general orientations that it will implement in order to establish the necessary promotion and prevention measures for the reduction and mitigation of the exposure of its personnel, customers, employees and the general public, on the basis of the regulations and legal protocols in force established by the World Health Organization -WHO- and the national government of Colombia.

General biosecurity measures

The following biosecurity measures are those that have been shown to be more effective in containing the transmission of the virus:

  • Hand washing
  • Physical distancing
  • Wearing a respiratory protection mask. 

In addition to these measures and taking into account the mechanisms of virus propagation (drops and contact), the cleaning and disinfection procedures for items and supplies of regular use, surfaces, frequently used equipment, management of wastes, proper use of personal protective equipment-PPE and optimize the ventilation of the place and respect for hygiene conditions will be provide.

1. Hand washing

Hand hygiene is the easiest way to prevent infections, including that caused by COVID-19, that is why COLOMBIE CÉLESTINE:

  • Provides all supplies for hand hygiene like clean water, soap and disposable towels (disposable towels) as desired.
  • Disposes of glycerinated alcohol in places of easy and frequent access by clients, collaborators and workers.
  • Ensure that in common and work areas, there are points for frequent hand washing, as well as reminders of the hand washing technique.

Hand washing and disinfection technique


2. Physical distancing

Physical or social distance consists of avoiding face-to-face contact with other people, keeping a distance of at least 1 meter, although the ideal is 2, in order to minimize the factors of contagion between people and slow the spread of COVID-19.

COLOMBIE CÉLESTINE guarantees physical distancing during meetings with customers, suppliers and employees, as well as in each of the tourist activities carried out by its guides and collaborators.

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3. Respiratory protection mask

The use of face masks is compulsory during air and land transport and in areas with a mass influx of people. The correct use of masks is essential to avoid contagion; it is equally important to remove them to avoid contact with contaminated areas and / or the spread of the infectious agent.

COLOMBIA CÉLESTINE keeps visible during the course of the trips, the techniques of use and disposal of the elements of personal protection (EPP). The respiratory protection masks supplied by COLOMBIE CÉLESTINE comply with the indications of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, according to the General Directives for the use of conventional masks and high efficiency masks.